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Secure Email

Learning more about Secure Emails

There aren’t many people today who aren’t aware of the absolute necessity of email encryption practices. From government personnel to teachers, every business must send private information from time to time, but what exactly is email encryption and how can it protect clients and workers? 

Email encryption is a method used to protect email content from being read by unintended recipients. Almost all businesses have access to personal client data and at some point or another, this information may need to be sent elsewhere. It is the legal obligation of the company to protect clients and themselves and set up secure email systems. Gmail and Outlook are defaulted to send all messages encrypted, but other email sites are not so forward thinking. For any business, having a third party intercept and have access to a sent email can be devastating. From privacy laws to confidentiality, leaked emails can wreak havoc on a corporation and cause potential lawsuits and fines. All companies should be sending all email using encryption to secure emails.

Why should all emails be encrypted if only a few contain sensitive information? If a third party is monitoring emails within a corporation, encrypting only SOME of the many emails sent and received daily is an obvious red flag to hackers that these specific messages contain the information they are looking to intercept. By encrypting all email, there are no indicators of importance.  This means the sender of an encrypted email knows only the recipient will be able to open and see the content held within the email and, if a third party is watching, nothing will stand out as potentially being more important than another.

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