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Maintenance Plans

IT Maintenance Plans

Every computer user is most likely guilty of not performing system maintenance on every computer as scheduled at recommended, regular intervals. It’s difficult to shut down and allow system updates, but it’s even more difficult to know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Performing and scheduling such updates is the job of a technology maintenance plan.  Having a maintenance plan for your computer takes the burden off the owner. It is the only true way to plan ahead to remove threats to your computer before they enter, begin to attack, or cause problems in a system. 

To prolong the life of any computer system those systems must be updated with current threat protection and system adjustments, at a minimum, weekly. Unless working with trained IT specialists, there can be no guarantee that the maintenance has been done properly and, therefore, computers may still be at risk of losing or leaking information. This can shut down corporations as a leak in personal client files can have serious ramifications.  Having a company provide maintenance not only guarantees the updates are done correctly, but allows a user to call for assistance in the case that a computer experiences a problem after an update. 

Truly, whether for a home or business, a maintenance plan IS the best option. Not only does it stop viruses before they can enter, but it can also be set up to encrypt sensitive data so it would be useless to anyone not given access to it. Typically simple to install, all homes and businesses should have a maintenance plan in place for all technology to ensure and prevent the headache of system failure.

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