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What is ESET Security?

In many ways, a computer virus is similar to those that may attack the human body. It is unknown to the host that a virus is attacking until it is beginning to cause change to normal function, it self replicates, and it can affect other components of the host. Whether fending off adware, malware, a worm, or any of the dozens of other system invaders, your computer is at risk. Planning ahead is the best, most cost-effective course of action to prevent loss whether for business or personal use. Different viruses and invaders attack different functions of the hardware or software that make a computer function and, oftentimes, we don’t know our computer is being attacked until it is too late. 

The designers behind these invaders often are trying to shut down a network, steal personal information, or take hold of a computer, using it to complete specific – typically highly illegal or dangerous- tasks. Most often, these invaders are after personal information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, or any other personally identifying information. Once they are in, any and all information held within the computer is available for the taking. For many of us, this includes tax information, family social security numbers, and banking information. The wrong people having access to these can easily open the doors to identity theft and/or credit accounts to be opened in your name without your knowledge or consent. Adding insult to injury, once many invaders have completed the assigned task, they will shut down the user’s computer permanently, with all activity done from that IP address being traced back to the owner.

ESET is your internet security Piece of Mind!