Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Backup & Why does my business need it?


Why cloud backup? If you work with a computer, as most of us do, you have most likely experienced a loss of information at one point or another. Computers fail, natural disasters occur, and viruses can cause catastrophic loss to files and documents, sometimes destroying computer capabilities completely. For most of us, this loss means work files, family photos, and personal documents are gone, unrecoverable. Using cloud backup, this will never be the case again. Cloud Backup is a way for users to store all computer data in a remote server, away from any singular location. By using cloud backup, your data and files are safe. Cloud space is also easily added if needed, so no matter your storage needs, the cloud can accommodate.


If you are a business working with any businesses in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation, mandated in 2019  to any and all data held in reference to clients and client information. There is now a vast amount of information needing to be held by each business for each existing customer and this information needs to be stored in a very specific way. A cloud-backup system is absolutely necessary for this and although this law is not yet active here in the United States, it is a very real possibility it could arrive at any time.


In any case, storing your files offsite takes away the vulnerability of documents being lost or destroyed. There are many options, so anyone looking to get a cloud should choose what best fits the need of the individual or company.


If your business is not protected by a Cloud Backup, you are running the risk of losing it all…